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Business Process Improvement

Having the right strategy is critical to business success but without effective business consulting there is no benefit to be realized. Key to success is ensuring effective, efficient and optimal business consulting processes are in place as failure to do this will result in wasted time and money and have a negative impact on service quality and delivery.

We are able to assist you with any transformation and process recovery initiatives whether that is a full cross organisation end-to-end business process design exercise, specific business unit process improvement or the introduction of new processes into your existing organizational structure.

We align strategies, people and technology with best-practice business consulting services to deliver measurable outcomes and benefits using our structured methodology and accelerated techniques to deliver a single innovative business improvement process.

Continuous improvement and change project management solutions are offered as part of our service, which are key to enabling seamless change and ongoing business improvement.

We offer the following services:

  • Transformation Management
  • Process analysis and design
  • Process metrics and measures
  • BPM tool implementation
  • Facilitation

We have provided our business process improvement services to numerous private and public entities across multiple business sectors, helping them turn their strategy into operational reality with integrated business consulting processes.

Program & Project Management

Companies require project management services for diverse types and complexities of programmes and projects. Whether they are strategic, transformational or operational, we have extensive experience in delivering programmes and projects through the application of professional project management techniques, tools, methodology and skills.

We adopt a hands-on, value driven approach, working closely with your project team and business stakeholders to ensure all programmes and projects are tackled effectively and delivered to expected outcomes.

We are flexible in our use of project management tools and methodologies, using our own accelerated project management techniques, Prince 2, PMBOK or internal client specific tools and methodologies dependent on requirements.

We offer the following services:

  • Project Management
  • Programme Management
  • Portfolio Management
  • IT service and development management
  • Project/Programme audits and health checks
  • Project Management methodology implementation
  • Mentoring and coaching of project managers

We have provided our project management services to numerous private and public entities across multiple business sectors, providing ‘value for money’ outcomes that benefit our clients.

Outsource Consulting

Outsourcing is a significant business commitment and in order to achieve the desired business outcomes, companies need to take control of the outsource process to ensure the provision of services and the client/ supplier relationship is a success from the outset.

Companies do not always have the necessary internal experience, expertise, resources or outsource methodology and approach to engage through the ‘outsource lifecycle’. This leads to outsource arrangements being concluded that do not meet the needs of customer and supplier alike and also could have compliance and risk implications to your company.

We provide an independent outsourcing advisory service from total outsource turnkey solutions through to specific deliverables within an outsourcing project initiative.

We are able to:

  • Control and manage all aspects of an outsource project for clients
  • Provide consultancy advice, best practice information and templates
  • Provide an outsource methodology tool to guide clients through the process
  • Provide contractual and other legal advice
  • Undertake rapid assessments of outsourcing projects in progress
  • Review and audit existing outsourcing arrangements
  • Evaluate legislative, compliance and data protection aspects for cross border outsourcing arrangements.

We have worked with a number of companies on across border outsourcing initiatives and interact with outsourcing partners on behalf of clients.

Company Investigations

Internal fraud poses one of South African corporates’ greatest risks – often undetected, mostly unpunished and assets never recovered. Few companies are immune to these risks with procurement or tender fraud being one of the most prevalent.

We can deploy a combination of business, legal and accounting skills and methods to rapidly and effectively detect and recover misappropriated assets.

We undertake:

  • Business intelligence gathering
  • Supply chain or tender investigations
  • Legal risk assessment – due diligence
  • Internal/employee enquiries and disciplinary actions
  • “White-collar” crime investigations
  • Tracking and recovery of misappropriated assets

We have worked with private and public entities, large and small and frequently interact with state enforcement agencies to ensure appropriate redress for criminal and civil wrongdoing.

Business Start-Ups & Company Renewal

Unleash your business’ potential. We help you navigate the complexities of new business start-ups or steer you through typical company death-traps/failures

We undertake:

  • Company Structuring
  • Legal Compliance
  • Contracting
  • Debt restructuring
  • BBEE Enterprise Development – adding value to transformation
  • Financial/marketing/distribution/systems/business process improvement

We have worked with newly established businesses to enable them to compete in their markets and we have assisted existing companies to position them more competitively.

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